Its not easy to Spray High end Finishes in Occupied Homes

At PaintTech we have been spraying kitchens on site for years in our decorating business we have mastered how to spray a kitchen with a great finish in someones home, might not be easy but its very rewarding .

PaintTech Decorators have been spraying kitchens on-site for years. Through extensive testing, we have mastered how to spray large kitchens, in high-end residential homes whilst the client is at home and using the kitchen.

We have racking & masking systems that make enable us to organise and store parts of the woodwork whilst spraying, making it possible to spray kitchens on-site in a 5-6 day turnaround time whilst delivering an exceptional finish! Have you been wanting to spray kitchens to this level? 

At PaintTech Academy we can teach you all our systems and techniques to produce work like ours.