Spraying Makes Sense have been testing JUB P25 & P50. We have mastered this product from start to finish.The JUB P25 & P50 Airless Spray Plasters come in tubs, the great thing about tubs is they’re so portable and easy to use making them great for smaller residential jobs. All you need to do it lift the lid give the plaster a whisk, drop in the machine and your ready to spray. JUB P25 & P50 Airless Spray Plaster are also available in bags, these are great if you’ve got a machine with a hopper such as the Euromair Mini Jet 80 or The Graco Mark V. Having the bag roller makes it so easy to transfer the product into the hopper. JUB P25 & P50 Airless Spray Plaster spray nicely and trowel really well. With JUB Airless Spray Plaster you can use trowels or blades depending on what you prefer. JUB P25 & P50 both dry very quickly, nice and flat and extremely white. We like to use the Mirka Leros to sand down JUB Airless Spray Plaster the Mirka makes sanding the Spray Plaster so easy and fast. At PaintTech Training Academy we like to use JUB Airless Spray Plaster in our courses. Also PaintTech Academy are the only people to design and deliver a two-day Airless Spray Plaster City & Guild Assured course.