LEarn Digital Marketing Skills To Boost Up Your Business.

Course 1

Using Facebooks own algorithm to target your ideal customer

Social media for business doesn’t have to be scary. In this class i’ll be teaching you why circles of influence are important for getting your Facebook business posts in front of your target audience.

I’ll take you through building trust in your online brand, building relationships with your target audience and posting content that offers value rather than just sales posts.

This course is great to get you startedand change the way you see and use social media.

Course 2

How to Get Your Business Found on Facebook

You’re running a small business and want to use Facebook to market online but have no idea how to get found by your target audience?

Think it’s too complicated for you? Think again.

Find out how to optimise your personal profile and create a Facebook business page that gets seen by others. In this class I’ll be teaching you how to make the most of the profile for yourself and your business page. I’ll go through all the different information that needs completing to have a great profile and how to use keywords to increase your presence in search results.

Course 3

Learn to create and post content that inspires people to buy.

Using our social media content planner and analysis booklet you’re able to plan your content for the upcoming 3 months, taking into account what you have planned or scheduled each month, week and day. Social media needs personality and where better to get that than bringing your business and work life onlune and engaging with an audience. Our workbook gives you the opportunity to sell without over-zealus sales posts that annoy rather then engage. Our booklet gives you the opportunity to plan and schedule content, or plan and remind yourself what to post each day. No more spending and wasting hours each day trying to think of what to write and when to post, this allows you to do that quickly and effectivly in advance when you have time.

Our workbook also allows you to create and used engageble content to build a tribe of followers that admire and trsut you for what you do, no more pre-brought templated content that’s been brought and used by many others all competing for the same audience. This workbook with a complete page by page guides encourages and allows you to create truly original and creative content. 

Course 4

The basics on how to film using your mobile phone.

With the power of smartphone technology, we no longer need expensive cameras to get graet moving images or videos. 

Follow this short course on how you can film using your smart phone.

Course 5

Knowing your audience

It’s all about where you’ve been as well as where you’re going. Let’s break down your ideal audience and how to target them on social media.

Course 6

Building an organic posting stratgy

Build the ultamate organiic posting stratagy that builds Facebook page likes, Linkedin connections and Instagram followers that have a keen interest in what your offer, that have a greater chance of buying.

No need to turn Facebook ads on and off to generate business, this method is purly organic and builds a stron brand over several months to make sure you become louder for longer.