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Airless Spray Plaster is changing the construction industry as we know it today.
Spraying Makes Sense has been testing loads of Airless Spray Plaster products, machines and systems over the last year to see which products work best with what machines and tips and for what kind of substrate. Spraying Makes Sense worked on a job in Hope Cove,

We ventured down to South Devon with two guys from SMS. We used Airless Spray Plaster throughout the whole job sprayed with the Graco Mark V and its safe to say the results are amazing! We interviewed two of our ambassadors Liam and Craig to find out why they have introduced spray plaster into their business’. They chatted through the PaintTech support group but met at the National Painting and Decorating show in Coventry last year, and have kept in touch since.

Both of the guys attended the PaintTech Training Academy Airless Spray Plaster course to get started, and have been using it within their business’ regularly since. They have found that by using Airless Spray Plaster you are in control of your finish, its a benefit to your clients and you have more control over scheduling resulting in much quicker turnaround time.