Spraying Makes Sense Live Snippet - 3M PPS System

Each week on Spraying Makes Sense Live we run a spotlight on anything spray-related. This week in the spotlight was the 3M PPS system. Ian talks about the 170ml mini cups which were a typical internet purchase! From the photo, he was sure these were the standard 650ml cups but when they turned up he realised his mistake lol. However, he has since found that they are perfect for his kitchen sample boards as they hold a small amount of paint.

The 3M PPS System is a great bit of kit, they are easy to set up, use, and even easy to clean. These are great for storing lots of different colours, you don’t have to keep washing the pots out, the liners can be stored separately so when you come to use that colour again you can just pop it back into the sleeve and away you go. The 3M PPS System also works with most HVLP guns by using an adapter.

The best resource that we have found to work out which adapter you need for which gun is from Sprayguns Direct and the link is here.

To make your life easier, rather than hunting around for codes and ordering the wrong cups – Don’t be like Ian and use the codes below!

These are the PPS system codes:

3M PPS standard mixing cups 650ml – code 16001

3M PPS standard cups (these are the liners) 650ml 200 micron – code 16000

3M PPS standard cups (these are the liners) 650ml 125 micron – code 16026

3M PPS Mini mixing cups  170ml – code 16115

3M PPS mini cups (these are the liners) 170ml 200 micron – code 16114

3M PPS mini cups (these are the liners) 170ml 125 micron – code 16752

Feel free to hunt around for prices but we have found Sprayguns Direct to be best for prices and delivery. 

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