So what machine is best for me?

I couldn’t tell you how many time I’ve been asked exactly that question, what I’ve learnt over the years is that first I need a lot more information so unlike everywhere else who just wants to Sell to you I want to spend some time with you and ask better questions to hopefully get a far better picture of you, your business and your needs for not only now but the future.

You will have been told so much about machine options, the manufacturers, the budgets, and machine specifications but it just gets even more confusing when you add them all together, you could go purely on recommendation and although that’s not a bad route again I feel it leaves quite a few elements out of the equation

Over the years we’ve updated our “What Sprayer Survey” to help thousands of decorators navigate the minefield of what sprayer. it will give you a far deeper understanding of you and the sprayer options open to you and will narrow the field massively to help you make the right choice.

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