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Wagner Control Pro Extra 350 Range

Are you looking to take that next step into the spraying world?

Then take a look at the Wagner Pro Control Extra 350 range is a perfect starting point for the high-end DIY or entry-level contractor. 

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BRAND NEW QTech Tip Extensions

Want to find out all about the BRAND New tip extension bars from QTech?? they come in 6 sizes, are made from high-grade aluminium and are compatible with any 7/8″ tip/guard combinations.

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3m PPS System – Spraying Makes Sense Live

Each week on Spraying Makes Sense Live we run a spotlight on anything spray-related. This week in the spotlight was the 3M PPS system. Ian talks about the 170ml mini cups which were a typical internet purchase! From the photo, he was sure these were the standard 650ml cups but when they turned up he realised his mistake lol. However, he has since found that they are perfect for his kitchen sample boards as they hold a small amount of paint.

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Top Tip – Fitting your ladder hook

A question brought up on Spraying makes sense about ladder hooks has proven very helpful for some.

A lot of people struggle with fitting the ladder hook as its not simple and doesn’t come with instructions.

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Graco 695 – Standard Vs ProContractor

The Graco 695 Standard and the Graco 695 ProContractors are some serious work horses as Josh from SprayDirect would say. The 695 unit is near the top end of Graco’s electric airless range. While both have a lot of features and specifications that are very similar, in this video we take a look in detail their differences along side what comes with ordering one of these impressive machines.  

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Graco ProSurface Smoothing Blades

We were really lucky to get a full set of the smoothing blades sent from Graco for us to have a play with which was awesome. We will be playing with these more on site and on training courses so keep your eyes and ears peeled!
We run through all the sizes of skimming blades that are available along with the spats/joint knives in this video but there are a couple of sets that you can buy with the brilliant carry case from most UK distributors.

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Changes To How Decorators Can Market When Apple Limits Facebook Ads

Over the last few decade business owners have been benefiting from Facebooks unique ability to track and influence who sees your Facebooks ads based on website interests. So if someone landed on the B&Q website, they would get classed as having an interest in DIY which would then allow you to create an advert and target them, intently to get them interested in your product or service.

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How do you install a spray tip?

Installing the tip seal in to the guard can be a little tricky if you didn’t know about the built in tool on the tips them self…Is there an easy way to get the tip seal into the guard?

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TriTech T360 gun – How to change the filter

Need a little help with changing your inline filter? Are you changing your filter correctly? Why is my gun leaking after changing the filter?… All these questions can be answered by watching this simple and quick video from Ian.

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Graco spray gun’s – Airless paint spraying for beginners

Are you new to airless paint spraying, need some beginners help or just want to better your knowledge on spray gun types, which one is right for the job? 

Then take a look at this video from Darren at Airless Discounter where he will be going through the different types of spray gun in the Graco range.

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The Graco SaniSpray HP65 Disinfectant Sprayer

Are you looking for that nicely designed, compact machine?

The HP65 is perfectly manageable when working on your own with its centralised handle and average weight coming in at 18 kg this mini monster is perfect for you. Graco recommend this machine if your looking at spraying around 200 litres of disinfectant per week.

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Thinking about taking on an apprentice?

What is an apprentice?
Apprentices are aged 16 or over and combine working with studying to gain skills and knowledge in a specific job.
Apprentices can be new or current employees.
You can get government funding to cover some of the cost of training and assessing an apprentice if you’re in England. You must pay the apprentice at least the minimum wage.

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Whats a seat? – Spray gun leaks & how to solve them

Here at Paint Tech Academy we’re always here to help, one of the most common mistakes we get asked about is…

Why is there paint spurting out the side of the gun?

This will be because of the tip seat, it may not have been fitted correctly or is missing. So to help you out we have made a short video on what to look for and how to fix the seat correctly.

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Spraying Makes Sense Mirka Exclusive

Spraying Makes Sense Mirka EXCLUSIVE
– Buy a Mirka sander during November and December
– Register it for the 3 year warranty
– Contact Mirka directly with proof of purchase and warranty certificate to claim 2 FREE boxes of Abranet abrasives

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Graco SaniSpray HP20 – Disinfect & sanitise effectively

Lets keep it clean!

Josh from Spray Direct has put together a video on the Graco SaniSpray HP20. This is the perfect machine for disinfecting and sanitising hard surfaces and fabrics such as, office spaces, chairs, sofas, hand railings and more.

Watch to see how to set-up and clean out, including all you need to know about this brilliant machine.

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A Painters Mindset!

To be more productive we need to be doing more work in less time. I am a big fan of spraying as you probably know and the main problem I come up against when talking to decorators is their current mindset.

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