Find out more about the Graco ProSurface Smoothing Blades

We were really lucky to get a full set of the smoothing blades sent from Graco for us to have a play with which was awesome. We will be playing with these more on site and on training courses so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

We run through all the sizes of skimming blades that are available along with the spats/joint knives in this video but there are a couple of sets that you can buy with the brilliant carry case from most UK distributors.

This kit from Graco comes in a fantastic carry case that holds everything for easy transport. We received additional blades so what you see in the video is not necessarily what is in the kits but all the blades are available to order in addition if you wanted the full set!

One of the kits (Product ID: 18C676) comes with: 

B25: Smoothing blade of 25 cm (10″)

B35: Smoothing blade of 35 cm (14″)

B45: Smoothing blade of 45 cm (18″)

B60: Smoothing blade of 60 cm (24″)

K10: Joint knife of 10 cm (4″)

K15+: Joint knife of 15 cm (6″) with PH2 screwdriver bit E100:

Extendable extension pole of 50 cm-100 cm (20″-40″)

Carry Case

There are 2 versions of the kit from what we can see and they are both available from the SMS Spray Supplies Shop. The website is being build at the moment but in the meantime chat to Liam on 07534 732004.

If you find this video helpful and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across your Network.


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