The Ginger Viking getting the best results on Isomat Premium Colour

Do you Want to know what the best Set up is for Spraying Isomat Premium Colour and how to get the best results?

Then check out the latest video from Rhys who uses a lot of this great paints on his fantastic projects which you can see at Mcwilliams Decorating Contractors based in and around Birmingham.

Rhys and Bobbie Spray all of their projects so the right choice of paint is very important to them and their clients, Here Rhys shares the benefits of using this product and his set up.

Rhys is using the TriTech T5. airless spray machine.

Spraying with a TriTech 415 contractor tip at?psi, this is one of Isomats top of the range paints and with a 20,000 scrub rate, so it’s super durable. He has thinned it down by about 15% as it has a really high solid content. 

This particular product is a high quality emulsion for interior use, it has excellent surface coverage, very good workability and as well as it’s superb resistance to frequent washing and scrubbing. It has strong adhesion to any kind of substrate, old or new, such as plaster, concrete, gypsum boards and more.

To find out more about this great product take a look at Isomats website or to try some head over to paintshack

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