Tips and types - Graco RAC X Range

How do you select the right tip size or type for the job? We think that Graco RAC X Range is fantastic! 

Liam from Burns Painter and Decorators loves the Graco RAC X range so much he has all of them… and more.

Here’s Josh from Spray Direct. In this video he will be talking you through all you need to know about the Graco RAC X Range.

Choosing the right tip is quite often over thought. The first number of the three numbers is the width of the fan pattern in inches x 2, if held the correct distance  from the surface. So for instance a 310 tip should give you a 6 inch fan.

Then the other two numbers are the size of the orifice (the hole) the amount of paint coming out of the tip. So the ’10’ in a 310 tip is 10 thousands of an inch.


There are several types of Graco RAC X tips, they are all compatible with the Graco RAC X tip guard

These are the different types of RAC X tips:

  • FFLP – Fine finish low pressure spray tip, Green – Mainly used for spraying woodwork and joinery.
  • PAA – Professional airless spay tip, Blue – Mainly used for spraying ceilings and walls.
  • LP – Low pressure airless spate tip, Green – Mainly used for ceilings and walls, enabling to spray at much lower pressures as apposed to a PAA tip.
  • HDA – Heavy duty airless spray tip, Brown – Mainly used for spraying thicker products like spray plaster.

To order any of these products click on the links or head over to the Spray Direct website. 

If you find this video of help and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across your Network.


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