Rhys showing his set up for spraying Renner 760 on a kitchen

Find out what the best Set up is for Spraying Renner water based top coat 760 with an airless machine?

Then check out this latest video from Rhys who uses alot of this product on his amazing projects which you can see at Mcwilliams Decorators based in and around Birmingham.

Rhys and Bobbie specialise in luxury new builds, high end renovations and kitchen re-sprays, so the right choice of paint is key to them providing a high quality finish for their clients.

In this video Rhys shares what Tip and pressure he uses to get the best results with this product.

Rhys is using the TriTech T5. airless spray machine not the T7 like he says lol!

Spraying at under 1000psi using a TriTech 310 gold tip which is giving him a nice fan pattern. He is using the water based system on this kitchen, the top coat is mixed to ammonite. Rhys is also using the cleanshot to aid him with spraying the kitchen.

Renner wood coatings give outstanding performance and long lasting durability, which is why we are they are perfect for kitchens. The top coats can be matched to most other brands of paint and colours. 

To see more of what Mcwilliams decorating contractors get up to head over to their Facebook or Instagram pages to find out.

We Love creating these Awesome “Lift the lid” videos to help Other great Decorators get the best set up when learning to spray new products.

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