Graco Contractor PC vs Contractor PC compact

Girls vs Guys… Looking for that lighter, smaller, compact gun?

Lyndsey from Paint Tech Academy said tongue in cheek ‘maybe it’s the new gun for girls’? So what do you think, could this be the new his and hers?

Take a look at Darren’s video from Airless discounter, where he explains the differences between the new Graco contractor PC compact airless gun and the Graco contractor PC model. 

The Graco Contractor PC Compact Airless Gun is even smaller and lighter than the Graco Contractor PC model without losing the performance. It’s a compact and light gun enabling you to handle it with ease. With a trigger force 50% lower than other current spray guns too which means less strain on your trigger fingers.

When using the Graco compact gun and the super thin Graco BlueMax ™ II whip end 1/8 ”X 1.4M, it allows you to optimise flexibility when reaching those hard to reach places, because the tubular whip is thin and very flexible. 

As the Contractor PC Compact spray gun is smaller in size so are the new filters which come in 60 mesh , or 100 mesh. It also has a quick cartridge replacement which allows you to repair them your on jobs and without tools thanks to the exclusive ProConnect replacement cartridge. 

So, if your looking to purchase one of the lightest spray guns in it’s category and improve your projects more quickly with less fatigue then head over to Airless Discounter Shop. 

If you find this video of help and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across your Network.


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