Airless Discounter - How do you choose the right tip for the job?

Choosing the right tip for your airless sprayer is like a woman’s make up bag… You most definately have one for every job and each item has its own purpose that will give you that desired end result… Well we can only try.

Darren from Airless Discounter your specialist retailer in airless equipment and accessory, will be covering the specifications and the construction of airless tips. As well as understanding the spray tip number, so take a look at the video below.

So what dose a Airless spray tip actually do? 

When the pump creates pressure against the spray tip orifice (the hole). The tip selected will then determine the fan width and flow rate.

Their are 4 main categories of spray tips:

  • Low pressure – Fine finish low pressure spray tip – For primers, enamels, lacquers and varnish.
  • Professional applications – For interior & exterior emulsion paints.
  • Heavy duty – High viscosity & textured materials, For plasters & intumescent. 
  • Specialised – For road markings or sports fields.

The numbers on the tips themselves will indicate what they can do, for instance the first number is the spray angle, but we always add an 0 to it. Its called the ‘5 X rule’, So this would make it 50. Then the second 2 numbers equals the width of the hole in inches. As mentioned in the video, Airless Discounter have a handy Spray tip table, which will give you more information and detail.

How do you know when your spray tips are wearing out?

Most common issues you will notice are:

  • Visibility – You will notice in the spray pattern, lighter and darker areas will form.
  • Narrowing – You will start to see the spray patten decrease and start narrowing, or tails developing.

You could also notice more paint being used then needs be


This will help to save time and money, By give you the confidence your tip won’t clog up or wear out halfway through the job.

Looking to purchase new tips or other Airless spray equipment then head over to the Airless Discounter shop.

If you find this video of help and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across your Network.



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