Want to get set up safely before you start Airless Spraying

Safety is key when working at high pressures but it’s not very often you are warned about the risks of spraying with an airless machine. 

Who knows what a fluid injection injury is and what causes it?

All machines come with a safety card and a manual that goes into the hazards of working at high pressures but how many of you actually read it and how many put it back in the box once you have put the machine together?

Do you know how many PSI it takes to pierce the skin?

We put together an online course called “Safe Operation of an Airless Machine” which goes through not only the safety features of the gun but goes through how to work with the machines safely.

So, if you don’t have a copy of the safety card on you when you are spraying, have not read the manual or don’t know how many PSI it takes to pierce the skin then head over and work through the course: CLICK HERE

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