Wagner Control Pro Extra 350 Range

Are you looking to take that next step into the spraying world?

Then take a look at the Wagner Control Pro Extra 350 range is a perfect starting point for the high-end DIY or entry-level contractor. 

Josh from SprayDirect has put together a video below on what to expect when ordering one of these simple but professional-looking airless machines.

The Wagner Control Pro Extra 350 Range has been given the name HEA – High Efficiency Airless, as they operate at a much lower pressure than conventional units this means they only have a max pressure of 1600 psi. One positive with it being a low-pressure unit is you’ll get 55% less overspray.

So what’s the difference between the two machines?

Well apart from the obvious, one is skid mounted at 7.1kg nice and easy to carry around and the other one is cart mounted with wheels at 7.7kg, it’s all down to personal preference really. Other than that both units run a 230-volt 600-watt motor with a UK 3 pin plug and both pumps can support a 19 thou spray tip or supply 1.5 litters of material per min.

These airless machines aren’t the cheapest on the market as Josh said but buying cheap could result in buying twice… so if one of these units tick’s all your boxes then head over to the SprayDirect website to order yours now!

If you find this video of help and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share it across your Network.


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