The dangers of high pressure injection - Pig skin vs Airless

Boys and their toys…  

Did you know studies show that around 80% of high pressure injection injuries from equipment such as airless sprayers ends in some sort of amputation!

High pressure airless spray units are most definitely NOT toys!

Josh from Spray Direct has been experimenting with how dangerous Airless spray can actually be when pulling the trigger of a high pressure gun against your skin. Although he is only using pig skin (which is much thicker then human skin) you’ll be shocked at the results he’s uncovered at the end of the video.

In Josh’s experiment he was using a Graco air operated airless unit at different pressures. Testing it with and without tips or guards!

These results show you just how important a tip guard actually is as a safety feature! The difference being, with the tip guard being on at 3000psi made less of an impact then it being without at 2000psi.

Unfortunately not everyone who sells this equipment understands the dangers involved, you can now pick up a basic airless sprayer capable of spraying over 1000psi from places such as DIY shops or even supermarkets with out any age restrictions on it. 

For more information on the studies Spray Direct have found on High-Pressure Injection Wounds then click on this link.

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