TriTech T360 gun - How to change the filter

Need a little help with changing your inline filter? Are you changing your filter correctly? Why is my gun leaking after changing the filter?… All these questions can be answered by watching this simple and quick video from Ian.

Ian Crump at Paint Tech Academy, are a independent training academy with centres across the uk and Ireland providing high quality education and training for the construction sector. 

When changing the filter itself is very easy, knowing how to get to the filter isn’t always straight forward, as some guns are different. With the TriTech T360 gun used in this video, Ian shows you the quickest and easiest ways around it. 

Important things to remember when changing the filter or cleaning the gun, is making sure the filter is the correct way round and with the TriTech T360 gun this has a spring that the filter sits on.

Always check that before replacing the filter the spring is in the bottom of the handle because if it isn’t then your gun will leak.

TOP TIP – Its always a good idea to have a spare spring handy. 

Keep a look out for more helpful handy videos. 

If you find this video helpful and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across your Network.


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