Who has used Ankocryl Interior Filling Primer from Anker Stuy?

Spraying MDF doesn’t have to be hard. This MDF primer from Anker Stuy can be applied by all types of equipment, including conventional gravity-fed pot guns, HVLP, and airless and air-assisted pumps. In this video we test the Ankocryl Interior Filling Primer for things like durability, flexibility, sanding, and any anti-tanning properties it may or may not have. Find out exactly what this primer can do in this useful video. Make sure to watch until the end for extra tips!

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Find out the official details about this product below the video

Check out this product here: https://www.ankerstuyshop.co.uk/ankocryl-interior-filling-primer.html/

A high-quality filling primer for MDF with a nice flow and excellent sanding properties. This product can be applied using all types of equipment, including conventional gravity-fed pot guns (larger nozzle sizes, 2.5mm and above), HVLP apparatus, and air-assisted airless pumps. A thick coat can be applied to fill the MDF depending on the quality of the MDF. The product sands very nicely to provide a smooth finish for subsequent top coats. It can be tinted to a range of colours, going as dark as a mid-grey such as RAL7037 to make top coating with darker colours an easier process.

✔ Quick-drying
✔ Excellent filling properties on MDF
✔ Easy to apply
✔ Good adhesion on bare wood
✔ Excellent coverage
✔ Recommended as a primer for interior elements made out of MDF, hardwoods, chipboard, multiplex, and more

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