Top Tip - Making your spray tips last longer

Ian at PaintTech is back with another great money saving top tip on how he makes his spray tips last longer while keeping track of old and new.

Ian over the years has learnt to keeps his tips in solution to stop them from drying out and blocking up but how can he tell which one is new and which one is old? 

Take a look at this short video to see how.

So how can you tell a tip is worn out?

Well in simple terms the fan gets narrower and the tip throws more paint out. When using a worn out tip you are actually wasting paint and you get a shed load of overspray to.

Typically, a tip will be getting worn after 500 litres. This seems a lot but when you consider that you can easily spray 200 litres a day when spraying emulsion then you can see that it’s not.

How can i keep track of the amount of paint a tip has used?

When you are spraying out the final coat of emulsion on a job then this is a good time to crack open a new tip. Use it on the job and then once you are done then cut a little notch in the plastic of the tip with a craft knife. This tells you that the tip has been used once.

Then on the next job, when you are mist coating you can use the one notch tip to mist coat. Once you are done then it’s time for a second notch. By now the tip is probably getting pretty worn so you may think about throwing it away, however if you are like me and a bit tight then you may get another go out of it.

If you found this video of help and think it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across your Network.


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