Freestanding bath transformation with Caparol Haftprimer

Wow… Now check out these results as we spray something a little different today.

Ian will be lifting the lid with Caparol Haftprimer on a beautiful free standing bath. What a fantastic product this is! Just look at the transformation, how much of a statement will this look when finished.  

Ian from Paint Tech Decorators are based in Surrey, covering the South East. They deliver high-end painting and decorating services using spray painting technology.  

Ian’s set up is the QTech Q5 with the gravity fed gun. He is using Caparol Haftprimer in black straight out the tin believe or not. He’s trying to keep it on the lower edge so he’s dialled it out a tiny bit.

As this bath will be finished in F&B Railing ie. a very dark grey, this is a perfect primer to use as a base because unlike most white primers this comes in black.

More reasons for using Haftprimer is because of its great adhesion properties, this product is great for many problematical substrates such as unplasticised (rigid) PVC, copper, aluminium, zinc/galvanised surfaces and more.

Take a look at the reviews on this product nothing but 5 stars, so why not head over to Paint Shack website and take a look yourself.

If you find this video of help and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across your Network.


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