The Graco SaniSpray HP65 Disinfectant Sprayer

Are you looking for that nicely designed, compact machine?

The HP65 is perfectly manageable when working on your own with its centralised handle and average weight with all coming in at 18 kg, this mini monster is perfect for you. Graco recommend this machine if your looking at spraying around 200 litres of disinfectant per week.

For more information watch this video below from Spray Direct, as Josh will be unboxing and demonstrating exactly what you will receive when ordering from them, as well as a demo on how to remove and change the pump.

The Graco SaniSpray HP65 is a high production machine in the SaniSpray range with a maximum fluid flow of 1.9l per minute and a maximum tip size of 23 thou. The HP65 is great for large areas with its consistent coverage, leaving them disinfect and sanitise efficiently. 

The HP65 has an adjustable pressure allowing you to spray at different rates depending on the job. This machine also uses a pro-exchange piston pump which allows for great surface ability and fast removal when you come to service your machine.

Unlike traditional airless paint spray machines the Graco SaniSpray HP range are uniquely built with the highest grade materials which means they are compatible with disinfectants, sanitisers and deodorisers.

If your unsure on which disinfectant to use then Spray Direct have these products available to order from their website. These have been proven to kill viruses such as Covid and Norovirus.

Remember its really important to make sure you completely clean and wipe down with disinfectant/sanitiser/deodoriser after each use to stop any cross contamination between jobs.

If you are looking into buying a machine and spraying products such as the ones Graco recommend then have a look at our IOSH certificated Safe Sanitisation of Surfaces course here:

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