Today, when heading for your Facebook Messenger you might see a few changes, most notable the new colour, incorporating the Facebook blue and Instagrams orange/purple. It might take a bit of getting used to.

So why has it changed?

I’ve been highlighting for a while the evolution of Facebook and Instagram and how I believe the two will become more incorporated over time. Become more one. But Facebook who owns both platforms can’t just make the change overnight. Facebook’s main userbase is between 35 and 65 years old, while Instagrams is 25 to 45, so if they were to make sudden changes the kickback would be too great. Facebook is instead taking a more phased approach. We probably won’t see the timelines of Instagram and Facebook merge (mainly because of the inconsistency of hashtags only being needed and used on Instagram, not Facebook) but the additional service such as messaging, advertising, posting apps become more universal across both platforms.

So why now?

Currently, there are over 1billion people that already use Messenger, and remember it’s not just for those on Facebook but why is messenger great for your business?

In the UK, 55% of users send multiple texts per day, which is above the number of people that call people; and with 35.4 million Facebook Messenger users it’s not hard to reach and consider that the world is moving towards connecting and communicating via instant message. With Messengers change to both incorporate Instagram and Facebook into one messenger service and make messenger a stand-alone app, (yes you don’t actually need the Facebook app to have the Messenger app) This is going to be one mega and amazing business app for communicating with your prospects.

So how can you make it better?

Messenger is already a powerful tool but by carefully considering third-party tools such as ManyChat you can automate your messenger service to collect leads and automate the sales process to bring new customers on board.

If you want to know more, take a moment to look and join our Decorators Business Growth Club, ran as a Facebook group. In this group, we cover everything from Facebook ads to ManyChat (upcoming as a webinar) also in the group you get full access to ask and get support for the marketing of your business.

To find out more about the new changes, use the link below.

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