Graco 695 – Standard Vs ProContractor

The Graco 695 Standard and the Graco 695 ProContractors are some serious work horses as Josh from SprayDirect would say. The 695 unit is near the top end of Graco’s electric airless range. While both have a lot of features and specifications that are very similar, in this video we take a look in detail their differences along side what comes with ordering one of these impressive machines.  

Graco spray gun’s – Airless paint spraying for beginners

Are you new to airless paint spraying, need some beginners help or just want to better your knowledge on spray gun types, which one is right for the job? 

Then take a look at this video from Darren at Airless Discounter where he will be going through the different types of spray gun in the Graco range.

The Graco Cleanshot, finding the Sweetspot

Using the Swiss Army Knife. The Graco Cleanshot can be quite hard to master properly for getting great results. We show you how to dial the Cleanshot in Properly to achieve the best results, it can be tricky and most Sprayers struggle to get it just right.  If you need any more help with the …