Who has used Ankocryl Interior Filling Primer from Anker Stuy?

Spraying MDF doesn’t have to be hard. This MDF primer from Anker Stuy can be applied by all types of equipment, including conventional gravity-fed pot guns, HVLP, and airless and air-assisted pumps. In this video we test the Ankocryl Interior Filling Primer for things like durability, flexibility, sanding, and any anti-tanning properties it may or may not have.

Understanding the Graco Cleanshot

This is a video that we have put out on here quite a few times but surprisingly its something that a lot of people struggle with. For us the cleanshot is so much more than the anti spit device that its meant to be but this video is all about getting the cleanshot to work at the lower pressures.

HOW TO: Prime you Tritech Spray Machine with Paint

So you have a Tritech spray machine, its all unboxed and set up, you have cleaned out all of the packing oils that it came with and you are ready to get started with painting.

This video shows you how to set up the machine, remove the water and switch over to paint in the machine and paint in the hose. Next all you have to do is choose the tip you want to use..

3m PPS System – Spraying Makes Sense Live

Each week on Spraying Makes Sense Live we run a spotlight on anything spray-related. This week in the spotlight was the 3M PPS system. Ian talks about the 170ml mini cups which were a typical internet purchase! From the photo, he was sure these were the standard 650ml cups but when they turned up he realised his mistake lol. However, he has since found that they are perfect for his kitchen sample boards as they hold a small amount of paint.