Graco Texspray T-Max spray machine

There are a few versions in the T-Max series and we are sure that they will be increasing in numbers throughout the UK market very quickly over the next few years. The machines often used for plaster in the uk are being used to their maximum and don’t have the same longevity as a machine like the T-Max which is working much less to achieve the same result. This means that they will last a lot longer and need less maintenance.

HOW TO: Prime you Tritech Spray Machine with Paint

So you have a Tritech spray machine, its all unboxed and set up, you have cleaned out all of the packing oils that it came with and you are ready to get started with painting.

This video shows you how to set up the machine, remove the water and switch over to paint in the machine and paint in the hose. Next all you have to do is choose the tip you want to use..

Profit – The decorator’s blind spot

Profit – a dirty word? When discussing pricing with decorators I always mentionprofit. This is sometimes a bit of a dirty word (for some reason) and somedecorators add it to their price, and some don’t. Some add more for profit andsome add less. Very few understand what profit actually is. Most decorators will think along …