Graco Texspray T-Max spray machine

There are a few versions in the T-Max series and we are sure that they will be increasing in numbers throughout the UK market very quickly over the next few years. The machines often used for plaster in the uk are being used to their maximum and don’t have the same longevity as a machine like the T-Max which is working much less to achieve the same result. This means that they will last a lot longer and need less maintenance.

What is the Graco Texspray Fast Finish Pro?

The last time we went to UK Construction week at the NEC in Birmingham was back in 2019 pre covid so it was really nice to be back at an event like this.

Rhys of McWilliams Decorators went to the Graco stand to find out more about the texture spray machines they were exhibiting.  Here Mark Smith of Graco talks Rhys through the Texspray FastFinish Pro.

Graco Mark V Texspray Plaster machine

Spray Plaster with the Graco Texspray monster machine Check out this video we got at UK Construction Week, at the NEC Birmingham. We go through the Graco Mark V all the new changes to the 2019 Texspray Mark V. this is truly a monster machine when spraying spray plaster, we’ve 3 of these Spray machines …