Lift The Lid - Johnstones Aqua Guard

This week Rhys is lifting the lid on a Johnstones Aqua Guard. This is Johnstones top range woodwork paint in a satin finish perfect some spraying these built in panels in a living room.

Rhys from McWilliams Decorating Contractors are based in the West Midlands, covering Birmingham, Solihull and the surrounding areas. McWilliams Decorators work on a variety of projects ranging from luxury new builds, residential, furniture and much more! Using spray technology they are able to deliver flawless finishes.

This video will show you exactly how Rhys set up to use this paint.


Rhys is using the TriTech T4 with a hopper as he is only using a small amount of paint. 

He is using the TriTech gun with a not so gold 410 tip. The pressure is set between 1500 – 1700psi with the product thinned by 15%. 

Johnstones Aqua Guard is a great woodwork paint perfect for doors like these. Rhys was very happy with the finish he achieved with this product and the set up was good. 

Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard is claimed to be their most durable water based satin paint for wood and metal. Providing ultimate defence against scratches, wear and tear and greasy finger marks this paint is perfect for a busy home.

If you find this video of help and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share it across your Network.


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