How to convert airless to air assisted airless?

What to know how you convert you existing machine from Airless to Airless assisted?

What do the three A’s stand for?

Well hear is Martin Cresswell – Technical Director from SPRAYMAN UK to show you how they run through their set up, take a look at their video below.

AAA – Air Assisted Airless, what’s it all about?

It’s about introducing air through an air cap right next to the tip. Here are a few benefits to using the AAA –

  • Softer fan pattern 
  • Reduces pressure giving a better finish 
  • You can spray at a lower pressure 
  • Reduces paint usage and overspray 

Martin is using the Graco GX21 FF with the SPRAYMAN FF hopper along side a Gentilin ‘silent’ Compressor. You will need a compatable gun and flat tips for this set up. A couple of options are, the Graco G40 or the Wagner 4600 with a red air cap

So to connect those up to your Airless unit you will need a twin hose with a desiccant, which is an important feature as it takes out any water vapour. These are available in 7 1/2, 10 or 15 metres.

Air Assisted Airless is fantastic for spraying trim/woodwork and joinery/kitchens, but can also be used to spray ceilings and walls. For more information on these products head over to SPRAYMAN UK.

If you find this video of help and it could help other Decorators then please feel free to share across you Network.


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