The Prize

TriTech T5 Airless Sprayer

It’s a long story explained during our first week back doing live but in short; This machine was given to us by Tritech via Aristospray BUT we love our old T5 so much that we offered to give it away instead! We thought that it would be fun to run a Treasure Hunt over the weeks along with offering a FREE introduction to spraying course through PaintTech Training Academy to give you the skills to start spraying.

So what will you need to do.

8 week Tritech Treasure Hunt - Follow the clues to find the sprayer

Over the next few weeks, you’ll need to turn up every Thursday at 7pm to the Spraying Makes Sense Live show to receive that weeks clue, given at the end of the show.
As part of the hunt you’ll be following and monitoring our social media account, Tritech’s and Aristospray’s, as it really could be just about anywhere. After all, this is a treasure hunt.

So collect all the clues, report them back to us and you might just win the Tritech T5.

All successful hunters will go into a draw and the winner will be announced on 1st April.

Plus each week we will give some smaller prizes so stay tuned

For more information and to be part of the hunt, all competitors will need to sign up using the contact form below.

More details on where to start searching will be emailed to you.


* Only one entry per person will be entered into the draw *

Please fill out the below information as best you can. Only fill out the social media channels you have…

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