lets catch up with Rhys as his Spraying Journey
goes to new heights

Rhys came to PaintTech Training Academy back in 2018 and his business has transformed since. 

In this video, we speak to Rhys and find out what he did to grow his business so fast. 

Rhys from McWilliams Decorating Contractors came to PaintTech Training Academy around 18 months ago. He was looking to take his business to the next level. Rhys had initially booked Introduction to Spraying Course at PaintTech Academy. 

After having such a good day he chose to book onto the second day, The Advanced Trim Course right there and then. Only 18 months on and Rhys’ business has grown massively! He is working on luxury high-end new builds with Builders and Architects. 

He is spraying 90% of his jobs to achieve the highest finish and is loving it. By completing training with PaintTech and the good support we offer, 

Rhys has made huge advancements to his business so quickly. To achieve such high end finishes you need to persevere and get in the mileage.