Lets see how Rhys is getting on !

We met Rhys from Mc Williams Decorators on one of his projects.

Leading on from the previous video we are now on-site with Rhys walking round his project in Solihull. Not only is it great for you guys to see how his projects are running but also to see how he’s benefitted from working alongside ourselves in our mentoring system. 

We love having the opportunity to go back and see how our students are progressing after visiting PaintTech Training Academy; some are doing incredibly well! Rhys has benefitted massively through additional mentoring with help running projects, spraying, systems, etc. This has helped Rhys make massive advancements to his business in a short time. 

He is now working on projects he was looking for 18 months ago. Rhys completed this high-end new build to a fantastic standard using spray techniques supported by PaintTech. 

The finish throughout the project is incredible and speaks volumes for his business. This is a great video for him so market to his clients, and it is great to show you guys what PaintTech Training Academy can do for you.